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Yunling Hotel Dujiangyan

Yunling Hotel Dujiangyan is the only unique international brand top mountain hot spring resort and snow view hotel which is only one hour driving way drive from Chengdu.It provides leisure entertainment a variety of functions and international quality service. Yunling Hotel Dujiangyan located locates on the top of Lingyan Moutain which has an altitude of 1400 meters. The moutain is covered by thick forests that the air among is extremely fresh and referred to as ‘A natural Oxygen bar’.Covering by thick forests,the mountain is referred to as “A natural Oxygen bar” for its extremely fresh air. You can overlook the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and the whole scene of Dujiangyan City while staying in Yunling Hotel Dujiangyan.Driving along the meandering mountain roads,you can will enjoy the beautiful Luohan and maidenhair forests.After 99 curves,Yunling Hotel Dujiangyan will be in front of you. Stepping out of the hotel,you will find yourself in the Lingyan mountain scenic area.You walk along,to see Guanyin of One Thousand Hands, Black Wind Tunnel, Confucian Lingyan academy, Taoists air recovery gather field,108 Guanyin statues,to feel the Lingyan aura,to interpret the cultural meaning of the mixture of three religion—Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism.